By Lauren Barley

Michael Booth has dominated the 2018 European SUP Championship, finishing second in the Mercedes Benz World Cup held in Scharbeutz yesterday, cementing his championship title.

Doing his sponsors proud with a practically flawless finish to the season, Booth was ecstatic to be crowned Euro Champ for the second year running against a heavily competitive field.

“I am absolutely stoked to have taken out the Euro Tour again this year, it’s been an incredible few months of travelling and racing and this is just the cherry on top”.

Whilst fellow competitor Lincoln Dews who took out the win in yesterday’s race out paddled Booth, Michael finished close behind in second place stating that the “race was tough from start to finish”.

“It was really hard out on the water, but the atmosphere was fantastic, with people everywhere getting involved, it was an awesome event to be a part of”.

There is no doubt Boothy has put the work in this year and as a result, reaped the rewards he deserves. Saying he believes his tailored training has really helped see him at the forefront of most events, from marathons to sprints, technical and down winders.

“Absolutely, my training this year has been different to that of last year. It’s been very specific. I knew what I needed to work on in the off-season and I really made sure I stuck to functional training, concentrating specifically on those things to ensure I headed into this season in my best form”.

“I’ve worked really hard and I’m proud to win this title again, knowing that it hasn’t come easy and that I have put in the work, that’s what really makes it even better!”

“I set myself a goal to win the Euro Tour back to back, and it’s so great to have achieved it. It’s been a lot of fun racing this season, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it”.

Michael will now refocus and race this weekend in the first stop of the APP World Tour in London.

“The APP is something I’ve been looking forward to all season, to be paddling and racing down the Thames river past all the iconic landmarks is going to be really surreal. Its shaping up to be a fantastic festival event for all SUP paddlers!”