So far, so good for Michael Booth as he took out another win last weekend in a 15km Santa Paola downwind challenge held in Spain. 

With a fresh racing approach proving to work in his favour, Booth hopes to see himself continuing to perform at his best for the remainder of the 2018 tour. With his first two races seeing him take out back-to-back wins, Michael says he is feeling better than ever. 

“The atmosphere was really great on the weekend and it was awesome to see so many competitors at the start line, as well as a few hundred spectators cheering us all on,” said Booth. 

Whilst Michael’s approach to racing might be more relaxed this year, he says his training and the hours he has been putting into race preparation is more tailored and specific than ever. 

“I feel like my relaxed approach is really working in my favour, I’m finding competing a lot more enjoyable this year”. 

“My mindset has shifted and I am naturally becoming a more experienced athlete which I believe has definitely helped with my approach going into travelling and racing this year”. 

Known as the ‘Aussie Powerhouse’, Booth is feeling confident as he heads into week six of the European tour this weekend in San Sebastian and isn’t letting any big names distract his focus. 

“There’s always a few names that you know are tough competition, but that’s why I love racing on the Euro Tour, because there’s just so much talent and you never know who is going to show up on the day and test you”. 

Booth will race again this Saturday 9th June in the San Sebastian Paddle Tour held in Donostia, Spain. 

By Lauren Barley

Watch the post-race interview with Michael