Shaw and Partners Financial Services was the presenting sponsor of the Shaw and Partners Coolangatta Gold Ironman Origin Series. The concept, the brainchild of Co-CEO Earl Evans, involved eight world champion athletes racing for their State of Origin. Two teams, two days, two races, each race with four components; run, swim, paddleboard and ocean surf ski. The team with the fastest combined time over the two days wins. The catch? Competing athletes cannot undertake the same component twice.

The race doubled as a fundraiser, raising just shy of $31,000 for former ironwoman Jess Collins, who was paralysed in a surfing related injury earlier this year.

A star-studded line-up of athletes across the two teams, holding more than 35 championship titles between them, vied for the top spot on the podium and made for a nail biting finish.

Representing the Blues

  • Kendrick Louis (Captain)
  • Mackenzie Hynard
  • Matt Poole
  • Hayden White

Representing the Maroons

  • Shannon Eckstein (Captain)
  • Caine Eckstein
  • Cory Hill
  • Luke Cuff

Queensland claimed honours after trailing NSW on Day One of the competition by 3 minutes and 9 seconds. On Day Two, the Maroons made up the bulk of the deficit in the opening ski leg of the race, with World Champion Paddler and Shaw and Partners Race Team member Cory Hill behind the paddle. Competing against him for NSW was fellow Shaw and Partners Race Team member Mackenzie Hynard. With NSW marginally ahead in the final leg of the race – a 7.1km run, Caine Eckstein successfully closed the gap and sealed the fate for the Queenslanders powering across the finish line with a 2 minute lead on the Blues.

When asked how the idea came about, Co-CEO Earl Evans suggested that the State of Origin concept “…ignited energy for the Shaw and Partners brand, putting firepower behind what Shaw and Partners Financial Services is known for; performance, innovation and opportunity.”

Further, he added that he was delighted that Shaw and Partners could partner with elite athletes who equally stand for and channel the brand’s core values of preparation, execution, performance and opportunity.

Underpinned by its philanthropic roots and purpose; the Origin relay concept is likely to expand in future years. By banding together Shaw and Partners continues to adopt a lateral, collaborative and disruptive approach to giving, through the Shaw and Partners Foundation.

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